Adoreal 10 PCS Gun Rack

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The Adoreal 10PCS Gun Rack is a versatile and durable solution for organizing your pistols. Designed to fit most handguns with barrels that are 22 caliber or larger, this pistol rack is suitable for shelves that are 5/8" thick and not less than 9" deep. Made of high-quality steel with a vinyl coating, this gun rack is strong enough to hold fully loaded pistols without sagging. The vinyl coating also ensures that the gun barrels are protected from scratches and rust.

Installation is quick and easy - simply push the handgun hanger into the shelf and plug the handgun barrel into the hanger. This makes it convenient to store your pistols in a gun safe, cabinet, shelf, or even in your car.

The Adoreal 10PCS Gun Rack is an economical choice, as it comes in a pack of ten sturdy vinyl-coated metal pistol hangers. Each hanger can easily fit up to ten semi-auto pistols in each compartment of your gun safe, providing ample storage space for your firearms.

Whether you're a hunter looking to display your pistols or simply someone who wants a neat and organized storage solution for their handguns, the Adoreal 10PCS Gun Rack is a practical and reliable accessory.

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